PHYS 431 - This course concentrates on observations and theories of the 20th Century that carried the physicists’ world-view beyond the classical.

PHYS 531 - Description Experiments and theories of modern physics and introduction to quantum mechanics.

This course introduces the broad base of fundamental topics in astrophysics and cosmology. Topics include observational properties of stars; stellar physics; stellar atmospheres; distance scales; galactic structures; interstellar medium, normal and peculiar galaxies and high energy astrophysics, cosmological observations and Friedmann models; the early universe at different epochs; the origin of dark matter and formation of galaxies and large scale structure.

A one-semester laboratory to acquaint the student with concepts, equipment, and techniques appropriate to current experimental physics. Experiments are taken from atomic and nuclear physics, solid state physics, and wave optics.
Registration restriction: Instructor consent
Lab fee charged
Credits: 2

This is a first course in advanced classical mechanics, introducing the methods of Lagrange and Hamilton. The course is aimed at upper year undergraduates and taught at the University of South Dakota in Spring 2015.